Victor Miller was a deep cover CIA agent working for the Federal government prior to the September Attacks. Victor Miller worked with Robert Hawkins, Sarah Mason, Cheoung, and Chavez on Project Red Bell.

Victor, instead of just taking his family and rallying in Jericho with Hawkins, felt a moral obligation to help those in Denver. In an attempt to warn and save Denver residents he became afflicted with radiation poisoning.

Eventually Victor found Shep's car on the side of the highway and used it to drive to Jericho. There he broke into the pharmacy but was caught by Jake Green and Heather Lisinski. The citizens of Jericho were hesisitant to help him due to his sickness. Victor Miller was recognized immediately by Hawkins and as he was interrogated for information, while alone Hawkins exchanged words and revealed there was a traitor within Project Red Bell.