New Bern, Kansas
Portrayed by
David Meunier
First Appeared
Season one
Last Appeared

Russell (portrayed by David Meunier) is a man from New Bern who delivered a windmill to Jericho and helped the two towns develop a trading system. When tensions grew, Russell tried to maintain the peace, first by opening up trade with the outside world, and secondly by assisting Johnston Green when he is in New Bern looking for Jake and Eric. In gratitude, Johnston invites him to leave for Jericho when New Bern becomes completely hostile to them; but Russell, having a wife and daughter in the town, gently declines.

In Season 2, New Bern was put in a choke-hold by Major Beck after it was identified as the aggressors in their fight with Jericho. Its residents suffering under lockdown, the New Bern Resistance came together not long after, with Phil Constantino leading them, and Russell a member as well.

Russell and the Resistance found themselves fighting a larger and better-equipped army, and their circumstances worsen when Constantino learns that Heather was unknowingly aiding Beck in putting down Resistance activity, getting his men killed in the process. Constantino puts a bounty on her head, and Russell and Ted Lewis are sent to collect it. Instead of killing Heather, Russell explained what was happening and what Heather's actions were really doing, and instead opted to hunt down and kill John Goetz, and use this improvement in resolve to continue their fight, with Russell driven to do so because he had three killings to answer for in New Bern during his team's attack on the town and the ASA government was doing nothing about it. With assistance of the Jericho Rangers, Russell and his men deliver Goetz's corpse to New Bern, and so the Resistance claims responsibility. Later, however, Beck has Russell captured and tortured for information on the shootings, and ultimately he capitulates and tells all, admitting that Stanley Richmond killed Goetz. After being released, Russell continues the fight against the ASA, now alongside Jericho.

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