Phil Constantino
Phil Constantino
New Bern
Sheriff, mayor, town manager
Portrayed by
Timothy Omundson
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Phil Constantino was originally the sheriff and town manager of New Bern and old friend of Johnston Green. Following the September Attacks, Constantino resorts to severe and amoral methods to keep New Bern supplied and protected, with the desperate people supporting him. These efforts ultimately end his friendship with Johnston. He seizes Eric and Jake as "saboteurs" when they learn that a New Bern factory is working on munitions; men from Jericho kill eight deputies in the process of rescuing them, and Constantino uses this as pretext for an attempt to conquer Jericho and seize its resources. This attempt, dubbed the New Bern War, is stopped by the ASA, but not before Johnston Green is killed (to Constantino's regret). The people of Jericho demand Constantino's death, but the ASA instead removes him from office and puts him to work in a New Bern factory.

Major Beck blames New Bern for the conflict and puts the town under heavy restrictions, provoking a resistance led by Constantino. Constantino learns that Heather is unknowingly helping Beck against the New Bern Resistance, and puts a bounty on her head, although Russell (presumably) gets it lifted by delivering John Goetz's corpse, improving their resolve to fight.

In the Season 2 finale, Jericho is also suffering from Beck's restrictions, and Constantino has a secret meeting with Eric to discuss working together against Beck. However, Constantino tells Eric that he must stop leaving survivors when attacking military convoys. Constantino explains that the only way to win is to make the military realize fighting their town is too costly and not worth pursuing further. Eric finds this tactic fundamentally wrong, and he decides against joining forces with Constantino.

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