New Bern is a city near Jericho. The town manager is Phil Constantino, who is also the sheriff. New Bern's land is mostly clay, so its citizens have no way of growing crops. After the attacks, New Bern asks for ten percent of Jericho's spring crop, along with salt, in exchange for ten wind turbines. Ten Jericho men are taken to New Bern to help make the turbines, a gesture interpreted by Jericho's mayor, Gray Anderson, as a passive hostage-taking as collateral for Jericho's fulfilling its part of the deal.

When all but one (Eric Green), plus a citizen present in New Bern previously (Heather Lisinski), of the Jericho citizens suddenly return from New Bern with the generators, Jake Green and Robert Hawkins, go to New Bern to look for the missing people. There they discover that New Bern's leaders are planning a military-style attack on Jericho, having converted their factory into a munitions plant. Many buildings in the town, including the city hall, were heavily damaged by the Ravenwood paramilitary group, an attack residents blame on Jericho's having successfully repelled Ravenwood some time earlier. Residents have been told that Jericho is hoarding supplies.

Hostilities between New Bern and Jericho increase after New Bern attacks Jericho with mortars in an attempt to annex several of Jericho's outlying farms. The situation escalates, and in the season finale, New Bern launches a full assault on Jericho.

At the start of season 2, the Cheyenne Government stops the skirmish and forces a cease-fire. After Major Beck determines that New Bern was the instigator of the skirmish, the town of New Bern remains in lockdown with curfews and extensive military checkpoints. Gunmen from New Bern enter Jericho on numerous occasions, almost gunning down a Jericho citizen in broad daylight.

Heather is appointed as liaison between Jericho and New Bern in an effort to further promote peace and reconciliation.

Notable Residents[]

  • Phil Constantino (Town Manager/Mayor)
  • Russell
  • Ted Lewis
  • Maggie Mullen (imprisoned)

Other Info[]

  • There was a Costco in New Bern.
  • New Bern received a relief aid drop from Germany in Season 1.