Jonah Prowse
Jonah Prowse
Emily Sullivan (Daughter)
Chris Sullivan (Son: deceased)
(Unnamed wife is a Sullivan) (unknown)
Portrayed by
James Remar
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Jonah Prowse is the leader of a group of survivalists settled outside of the town, and father of Emily Sullivan. Before the series, Jonah was a freight worker who had a side business doing criminal dealings for Skylar's father in exchange for a fair cut of the profit from the salt mine. Former members of his gang included Jake Green and Prowse's son Chris Sullivan. Five years before the Attacks, Jonah sent them and Chris's best friend Mitchell Cafferty on an armed robbery, in which Chris was killed and Mitch arrested, whereupon Jake fled from Jericho. Emily blamed Chris's death on Jonah; Jonah and Mitch blamed Jake, for failing to watch Chris's back.

After the September Attacks, Jonah's side business becomes permanent and he finds himself commanding a number of young men, including Mitchell, and possessing access to weapons and supplies that Jericho desperately needs. Relations between his group and Jericho are awkward, with mistrust on both sides. Mitch, disappointed in Jonah's "soft" conduct in a confrontation with Jericho, revolts by framing him for the murder of Gracie Leigh. Jonah is almost lynched for this, but the Greens save his life by exiling him from Jericho. Before leaving, Jonah gains some sense of peace with his daughter.

Later, Jonah commands a road gang of thirty men, raiding shipments of supplies being funnelled by the New Bern Army for its planned raid on Jericho. He and the Jericho Rangers learn of each other's activities when they try to intercept the same supply shipment. Jonah asks Emily to join his group, fearing for her safety in the imminent conflict. Emily instead persuades him to aid the Rangers in taking out the New Bern Army's mortar team, in exchange for half of their recovered weapons and ammunition. This succeeds, but Jonah has become more ruthless and amoral: he personally kills surviving New Bern soldiers and takes all of the weapons and ammo for himself and his men.

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