John Tomarchio was a Jennings & Rall executive, until the company supported his run for public office; he became a fascistic Senator for Wyoming. Tomarchio, along with Thomas Valente and others used the September Attacks launched by John Smith (AKA David Reynolds) as an opportunity to assume control of the United States during the power vacuum following and formed a new government. With the backing of J&R and elements of the military, Tomarchio's "Allied States of America" is one of three regimes to emerge from the initial chaos, ruling the states west of the Mississippi except for Texas. Cheyenne's media portray President Tomarchio as a hero who saved the country in its time of need.  During Reconstruction it is revealed that Tormachio has been on a tour of the Allied States and later Tomarchio visits the Richmond farm at Jericho to announce the formation of the ASA to the world. The name for the character comes from Jack Tomarchio, a friend of one of the writers, and consultant to the show.  Under the Allied States of American Military Tormachio is known as codename "Condor," being the "biggest bird in the west."

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Current StatusEdit

President of the Allied States of America