Heather Lisinski was a female citizen of New Bern and Jericho. She had a crush on Jake Green but left for New Bern to help out. In New Bern after finding out about the ammunition supply, she tried to sabotage the factories equipment. It was thought she was killed.

Before the Bombs[]

Not much is known about Heather before the bombs went off. All is known that she was an original citizen of New Bern and also of Jericho. In Jericho, she became a school teacher for younger kids.

After the Bombs[]

After the bombs went off, the school bus Heather was travelling in crashed, breaking Heather's leg. She was later rescued by Jake Green and returned home to Jericho. She helped re-wire some underground shelters in Jericho before the Fallout came. She provided supplies for Jake to travel to Rouge River. In Black Jack she met up with a few old friends from New Bern, she went with them to return to New Bern. There. she and Eric Green discovered that New Bern was building ammunitions to engage in war with neighboring towns, and attempted to sabotage the operation. Eric was caught, and he thought she had been killed.

She later appeared in the episode Why We Fight. In the episode, she was found by a patrol of the Allied States Marine Corps, based out of Camp Liberty; she was taken to this base, where she woke up with no idea of where she was. She found Colonel Hoffman and requested for him to help Jericho in their fight against New Bern. Later, Hoffman has a teleconference with elements of the Allied States Government, where they instruct him to prioritize Jericho and Fillmore County to look for a known terrorist, Sarah Mason. Heather, pleased with the action being taken, is unaware of the Marine's actual mission.

In Reconstruction she is brought back to Jericho by Major Edward Beck from the 10th Mounted Division. She gains the trust of Beck and is named his personal liaison to New Bern and Jericho. She is also given the highest security clearance in the town.

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