Darcy Hawkins is the Wife of Robert Hawkins, though was dating another man during what was apparently a long seperation or divorce. She doesn't know much about what her husband was doing. Robert basically kidnapped her and the children to get them out of D.C. before the bombing.

What we knowEdit

She wants to love him, but because he has a way of being gone she has a hard time connecting to him and not wanting to get hurt again. Prior to the attacks, Darcy had a restraining order against Hawkins. At the end of the season there seems to be some resolution and bonding in their relationship.

What we don't knowEdit

  • The definite reason for the divorce.
  • We know that Robert has been putting his work first but is that the only reason for the divorce?
  • If Robert is an FBI agent as he stated then why was he so surprised about her relationship with another man?
  • How long have they been separated or divorced?
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