Dale Turner is a teenager who works at Gracie's Market. His mother is killed by one of the bombs, in Atlanta. Dale finds a trainload of undelivered supplies near the town, and uses them to restock the store. He has an interest in Skylar Stevens, and overcomes her snobbish disdain by bringing her supplies from the store; she even asks him to stay with her after his own home burns down, and bails him out of jail when he briefly aids Mitchell Cafferty's activities in Jericho. This friendship with Skylar leads to a falling-out with Gracie; but when Gracie is murdered she leaves the store to Dale, and he vows revenge, not knowing whom to blame until Mitch demands half the store's profits lest he "end up like Gracie." With no one able or willing to help him resist Mitch's harassment, Dale shoots Mitch and successfully hides the body. Soon afterward, Skylar joins Dale in running the business, and the two develop a romantic connection.

In Season 2, Dale continues running his business with Skylar, and hires many refugees. When the ASA severely restricts commerce, Dale turns to smuggling; among other things he obtains a vaccine for the Hudson River Virus, helping Jericho and surrounding communities to inoculate themselves. Goetz, as new chief administrator, discovers Dale's role and makes an example of him by sending him to Loomer Ridge Prison. Jake and the Jericho Rangers stop the military transport carrying Dale and persuade Beck to declare Dale a "confidential terror informant", making him and his business immune to Goetz's interference.

Season 3 (Comics) / Season 4 (Comics)

Dale continues his paramilitary / organized crime operations.  It is unclear whether he does this with Beck's blessing or orders, but he openly patrols highways to protect his interests.  Dale eventually kills a Colonel Petrov, who was on the verge of joining Beck with his divisions, because of the Colonel's continual threats to his personal operations while under ASA command. 

His role in the townEdit

Whipping boy for cliquish, Jericho teens.
Grocery store assistant (Episodes 1 - 11)
Grocery store owner (Episode 11 - Present)
Killer of Mitchell
One of the town leaders with a monopoly on trade with his own private army==

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